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About H2find.com

Welcome to H2find.com!

We are an online meeting place for contractors, and subcontractors serving the water and wastewater industries. Water and wastewater projects frequently require teams of companies to get the job done; typically, a prime contractor working with subcontractors. The Internet has made it possible for contractors and subcontractors to find each other – wherever they are in the world. Thus, the origin of H2find.

The idea for H2find started after we launched the companion site, H2bid.com. H2bid is an online exchange where water and wastewater vendors can search for utility contract opportunities around the world. Now that H2bid makes it possible for vendors to find relevant contract opportunities anywhere in the world, vendors were telling us that they needed a way to find subcontractors in the areas where the contract opportunities were located. Conversely, subcontractors told us that they needed a way to make themselves known to contractors looking to form a team. With H2find, there is now a central location on the web where contractors and subcontractors can find each other.

We are in the beta phase of H2find. You are invited to join, look around, and make suggestions during this phase. We hope that you will find the site immensely useful, whether you are a contractor or subcontractor.
H2find.com shall provide services to both contractors and subcontractors/suppliers. Subcontractors/suppliers as used in this Agreement, means any entity or individual  offering specific services and/or products for water or wastewater contractors looking for such services and/or products.

Feel free to send me an email with your comments and suggestions to gdo@h2find.com. I hope you will also help us spread the word about the site to the water and wastewater community around the world.


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