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Guidelines for using as a Contractor


Contact Information

  1. Fill in the required details in the Contact Information. 

Choose Category

  1. You can register for one or more categories
  2. If you register in one category, you will be able to view the full profile of the Subcontractors /Suppliers of that category only
  3. You will be able to view the name  of the Subcontractors / Suppliers of other categories, but you will not be able to contact them or invite them for your project
  4. For each category, for each quarter, USD 100 will be the membership charges
  5. You can always upgrade your membership by adding a category at any time

Login information

  1. You should give the user name of your preference with minimum 4 characters
  2. Password should contain at least six characters
  3. Confirm the password by typing the same password entered earlier
  4. Tick the box for accepting Terms and conditions
  5. Submit Registration form

Posting  the project

  1. Select the Main Category from the drop down menu. Please remember that the drop down menu will contain only the categories for which you have subscribed
  2. Select the Sub category from the drop down menu
  3. Select the UNSPSC  code from the link “click to select UNSPSC code”
  4. Click Continue
  5. Give a Project Title
  6. Write a few lines about the project – nature of the work, experience, expertise required, similar work done earlier etc-
  7. Select a Project start date from the drop down menu
  8. Select the duration of the project as per your estimation
  9. Give an indication of the budget
  10. Indicate for how long you want to keep the project in Active status in the system
  11. Click continue
  12. In the Skill Specification field, if you want to highlight any additional expertise or experience required, please mention the same
  13. In the field :Location of Work” select the Country and the State from the drop down menu and continue
  14. View the details and click the “Post Project” buttion
  15. If you want to modify, please press the” Back” button and continue

Modifying the Posted Project

  1. You can manage or modify the projects posted by you easily
  2. Click “My Admin”
  3. You can select the project posted by you from the drop down menu on the top right
  4. Under “Manage Projects” you will see the total number of projects posted by you
  5. Clicking the link will take you to the details of projects posted by you
  6. Click the Project Title of the project which you want to modify
  7. Click Modify Project under Actions. Make the changes and click the Update button

Search for Subcontractors / Suppliers

  1. Click the button Search
  2. Click Search for Sub contractors in the new page
  3. Select the Category 
  4. Please note that you should have paid for the Category you are searching.
  5. If you have not subscribed for that Category, you will be taken to the Upgradation Link
  6. If  you have subscribed, you will see the details of the sub contractors who have registered for that category
  7. You can contact them by email or send a message to the contractor
  8. From then on, it is entirely between you and the sub contractor or suppier

Guidelines for using as a Subcontractor / Supplier


  1. Click the link Subcontractors Find work
  2. Fill in the Contact Form
  3. Select  whether you are registering as Subcontractor or Supplier
  4. Fill the required details
  5. Select the Membership Type you want to subscriber for,
  6. Choose the Categories you want to subscriber. Hold down Control key when you select categories
  7. Select a user name, password and confirm password
  8. Select Agree for H2find Terms and submit registration
  9. You will be taken to the payment page
  10. You have the option of payment by Paypal or Plugnpay. Both accepts Credit Cards
  11. After payment login as Sub Contractor/  Supplier
  12. Click “Search”  in the top navigation
  13. Click Search for New Business
  14. Select the category for which you have subscribed and click search at the end of the page
  15. You will see the projects posted in your category
  16. You will see a link “Apply” near each project
  17. Click Apply and fill up the boxes and submit your bid
  18. The submitted bid will reach the Contractor and he will contact you to move forward with the work
Project Bidding/Invitation
  1. Subcontractor/supplier can click Myadmin to view Projects Applied
  2. Subcontractor/supplier is not allowed to bid twice on the same project
  3. Contractor will get an bid  notification email from H2find with name of the subcontractor and message. He can then login to his myadmin to view the Bids submitted.
  4. Click Project Posted from Contractor Myadmin and then click project title to view project manager. There he can find Bids submitted, Invited, Not Invited
  5. Click Bids submitted to view list of bids. From there he can select the subcontractors and invite them to his project
  6. Once the contractor invite subcontractor, they will get project invitation notification from h2find with contractor name, project information and message
  7. Then the subcontractor can login to their my admin and find the invitation in Projects Invited and if needed, he can post a reply message to the contractor
  8. All the messages sent between contractor and sub-contractor can be viewed at their PMB section with date and project title


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